Design to fit the enviroment

High finish!

Skystack product is molded in approved recycled PP plastic, which provides a high-quality finish, excellent fit, and long-term durability

Visually satisfying

Visually satisfying with a white tower and dark gray water tank

Fits many places

Kitchen, Balcony, living room, only your imagination decides. 

En revolutionary year around cultivation to all homes big as small.

Smoothcrops SkyStack

An innovative vertical hydroponic cultivation with 15 plants.
The base measures 27 x 27 cm, and it has a height of 76 cm, offering a dynamic design for customizable assembly. Easily add or remove segments according to your specific needs, providing full control over the cultivation size. SkyStack utilizes water and plant nutrients, offering up to 90% water savings compared to traditional soil cultivation. It provides optimal nutrient supply for outstanding plant growth.

The tower includes a pump, filter, cultivation cubes, filling funnel, seed cultivation box, small scissors, tweezers—everything for easy hydroponic cultivation. A cultivation guide is included, guiding you from seed to tower placement. 

We also recommend using a full-spectrum plant light for optimal growth. Our recommended plant light, specifically designed for SkyStack, will be released at the end of December. Stay tuned. Refer to the image below for the “Clip light,” 

The optimal lighting for the seed cultivation box, is the one you can see in the store. with purple light.

The pump specifications are 12v, 10w, pushing 3m, consuming less energy than a 25-watt lamp.


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  • 60w LED
  • fullspectrum
  • adjustable arms

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