Designed to fit your home

High quality

Skytstack product is molded which gives a quality product, tight fit in a long lasting material.

Visual good looking

white color with dark gray water tank gives a perfect look in many homes and places .

Fits in many different places

Sound of the trickling water gives a relaxing environment.

A revolutionary year-round cultivation for all homes, big or small.

Smoothcrops SkyStack

An innovative vertical hydroponic cultivation for 15 plants. 
With dimensions of 27 x 27 cm and a height of 76 cm, our product offers a dynamic design, allowing you to build it exactly the way you want.
It's easy to remove and add segments according to your specific needs, giving you full control over your gardening space.
A soilless cultivation, SkyStack utilizes water and plant nutrients, resulting in up to 90% water savings compared to traditional gardening.
Providing optimal nutrition to the plants, it ensures outstanding growth and lushness. Tower comes with pump and filter, also growing cubes.

Price: See store


Skystack Skylight

Under development. Coming soon.
  • Innovative LED Plant Lighting
  • Adjustable arms
  • Full spectrum
  • Sleek design for your home
Price: not AVAILABLE

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